Living in AlQurayyat... offer from The Oxford Partnership


I would like to know if anyone out there had been offered a position/has previously worked in AlQurayyat with The Oxford Partnership. If yes, then kindly post details of your experience.
Would appreciate your response.

Best Regards


I got an offer as well and sent my documents in. Now, they are reviewing everything. Did you hear back from them?

Good Morning.  Are you still coming here to Gurayat? I have been here 2 weeks already.

Life is not that Easy for expats in Qurayyat. one must create a social network there to fight the boredom.

How true! But where is the social life!

No social life here in ksa 😕

No social life here in ksa 😕

There is in Khobar and Riyadh!

What kind of?
But anyway it’s faraway from me.

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