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I am offered job in a school plus medical and accommodation and utility bills will be covered by the company.Salary is RM 3000.Is it worth it to relocate from Pakistan?

I'd say yes, although the salary is pretty low. You may not be able to save a lot of money but you have the chance to travel and live in another country which is great. The salary is similar to what many locals earn and you get the bonus of having almost everything paid for.

Never heard of the school https://www.international-schools-datab … ala-lumpur

If they are asking you to pay them money to arrange your work permit, then it is a SCAM.

Here is another database that lists ALL internatioal schools http://schooladvisor.my/?type=internati … ;state=all

what is the living cost there :transport and food?

They didnt ask to pay....

There is NO school with that name in Kuala Lumpur

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