Family reunion visa Germany

Deat all,

I'm enrolled in Erasmus+ exchange programe for 6 months. I am a PhD student the salary is 800€. I wnat to invite my spouse. Is it possible ?
I'm living in pne bedroom apartment.

Can i make an invitation letter for my spouse ?

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As a PhD student, you can apply for a family reunion visa for your (legally married) spouse.
However, you have to fulfill the requirements for it. Basically, you need to show sufficient funds to finance your and her stay without government handouts - that usually means EUR8700/year per person, but for students sometimes less is accepted (I have no idea how to survive on less, though). Also, you need to have sufficient living space (e.g. rented apartment) for the two of you, and a German health insurance for your spouse.
You can apply at the German embassy in your spouse's country.

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