money from home to use in NZ

Hello again!  :|  Im just a youngling needing help ok? I dont know anything about the real world! Especially finance.

So, my big question is, how the heck am I going to use the money from home in NZ?

Should I use some online transferring method?

Should I take out nearly all my money and exchange it for the country's currency?

:(  I really don't know what I have to do about this. Havent thought much about it because Ive been more into learning how to get to the visa and stuff. Thank you for reading. I look forward to your advice! Cheers.

Keep the money in your home account and set up either a credit card or debit card which gives you access to that money.
Or a travelex money card that you prepay funds into and top up from your own account whenever needed. This card can have NZ currency loaded onto it.

We use transferwise to transfer directly from our home accounts. The charges are minimal

Thank you :D

Hallo, We both retired out here under the parent catogary and as a result we get all our money from the UK and we bring it over about every 3-4 months and take advantage of the exchange rate fluctuations, we use a company in London that sends money directly to our bank account here in NZ. Dont use the banks as their exchange rates are criminal. but you do have to be able to budget for this system to work.

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