Updates on Irma

Lets use this  thread to communicate with everyone wondering what is going on here and how we are doing.

I am currently in Santo Domingo.  Almost the entire country is on code red meaning everyone should be preparing for this monster storm. 

Evacuation orders are in place for all provinces in code red -  meaning  evacuate if you can. It is not mandatory and for some you are safer at home -  these evacuation centers are mostly schools and churches and intended for  much of the population that does not live in well constructed homes or are in low lying areas.

For the north coast -  many are trying to get out!   some are flying out and some are coming inland or to the south coast.  The north coast  is likely to get slammed, this is not some breeze and a bit of rain, this is a monster.  Be prepared.

On the east  -  same thing you are likely to get slammed the closer you are to the north!

On the south we will get  some rain,  some wind and tropical storm conditions.   That is not to be taken lightly either.

Right now -   beautiful sunny day.  Code red means people can choose to stay home from work and still get paid as they prepare family homes for this storm.  Lots less traffic on the roads today so I am out of here early to get things done!

Please  update for others to read as the storm rolls over us!   People are concerned.

Remember too  - lack of contact may not mean anything bad. Might just mean the electricity and or internet has gone down. We expect this to happen!!!!

Stay safe people.

Great idea to get this thread up & running. I'm in the UK and was just looking at any webcams I could find to see how it was looking there at the moment. (Calm and sunny from what I can see). I don't have family or friends over there at the moment but am concerned for the safety of all of you who are.
Best wishes.

Here is a link to all the evacuation centers in the Dominican Republic:

We've decided to ride it out in PC. Have hurricane shutters and are we'll stocked. Never the less still a little nervous. Hope electric doesn't go down or if it is not out for long.

Likely electric to be cut off ahead of damage!

Wishing you all the best. We are not in the Dominican at this time. However, we have a house on the southeastern tip of North Carolina so we too are cautiously watching and waiting.

Thinking of you all and sending prayers and, of course, hugs to the beautiful people of the Dominican Republic.  Pls. take care.

Prayers for you all as they are also with my friends in Moca. Being prepared is the greatest element in any emergency......even with the storm slated to be off shore, it will be of luck to you all....

I'm in Santo Domingo as well...colonial zone.  I will brace myself and pray for the safety of us all.

In Las Terrenas. Many have left but some are still here. Where we are the buildings were built to be hurricane safe. It's the waiting and not knowing how bad that is the worst. God be with us all.

We just walked the streets here in Bavaro, PC and most places are boarded up.  Just had a feeder ban come through but other wise, things are still good here.

Boarded up and waiting here in Bavaro\Punta Cana...

Here in Santo Domingo its very still and quiet

Hi everyone,

stay safe ! Thanks for the updates. We are we you guys, I sincerely hope you will be fine.

I am out of the country but have heard that the winds and rain have picked up in Sosua and Power is out.
It will be an interesting day
The good news if any from this is that the eye is 65 miles off the coast and will remain off shore sparing the coast the strongest winds.


Tropical Storm force winds and rain here and we still have power!!   :)

North coast has been without power about 3 hours.

Here in Santo Domingo we are overcast and a bit of rain. No wind at all!

Wind and rain in Bavaro\Punta Cana but I believe we are in the clear...

Nothing so far at 8:02 this morning in sabto domingo.  Im watching irma's live movements on slash weather.  I cant find tbe slash mark so i wrote out slash

All good in PC,  We've already walked the beach.

Anyone have an update on the Las Terrenas area?

They are experiencing heavy winds and rain in Samana and.las Terrenas right now.

Here in SD overcast, light rain once in a while and no wind at all.

Any updates from Sosua and area.

Post from Moca shows video with moderate wind and rain but otherwise looks pretty good in the interior - about 90 minutes from Puerto Plata

Las terrenas has survived, Just. I am thankful that we didn't get devastated like some of the other islands, but it is a mess. Wind and rain just easing off now. Too loud to sleep last night, and stayed awake worrying the night before :(

Just talked to friends back home in Sosua and all is getting quite now and it seems over.  Lots of downed trees, electric poles and wires, some flooding, heavy surf on the beach and lots of debris in the streets.

Bob K

Minimum 7,000 displaced families. Lots of road  closures, lots of flooding. And its not yet over. More rain to come. The worst is over except more possible.flooding!

As of now no reported.loss but there are people missing!

Bob K - Sounds like here.

It is still windy and rainy here at 5:30 pm Thursday. That's 17 hours from the start.

This was to be my 9th. hurricane, it didn't happen.  Sosua received a hard brief Tropical storm. Much less rain than last Fall & the winds did hardly any damadge, a few brown palm fronds down, but that was it. Than God. I hope that I never see a ninth one. We were very lucky Irma neglected to visit this area. Hope you all did the same.  STAY AWAY JOSE!!!

Yes I believe you can say our record is intact in still no major hurricanes or direct hits on the north coast in nearly 50 years.
Still quite a storm and it will take weeks to clear it all up.  I suspect electric will not be restored in many areas for days.

Bob K

Ive been watching this webcam for a while now … beach.html

There seems to be a lot of debris washed up on the beach but at least the sky is clearing as dawn breaks

There was a lot of damage done across the country and Bob is right, some areas will be without electricity for.some time.

We dodged a bullet.for sure. She stayed far enough offshore that we were spared.

Still thousands have serious damage and will need help!

Hundreds of trees were downed damaging electric cable houses and other structures. As of now no reported loss of life.

Schools are still closed as are many govt offices. Dozens of flights are cancelled - check your flight status!

Good grief Mexico had an earthquake of 8.2 or so!!! Wow.

Very thankful DR was spared heavier damage. Hopefully no other storms inhibit repairs and clean up. When you look at what's happening around North America - storms, earthquakes and forest fires - one wonders what the hell is going all take care. My flight down is not until 22 Sept....hopefully that will not be delayed....

CBS reported that Cabarete was destroyed. I doubt it. Expect wave damage to the beach bars, but the town destroyed, no way.So far here, near Super Pola, have seen only dead vegetation & a few small branches being cleaned up. The stores are open & power though irractic,, is back. I"m sure that other areas have more serous effects from Irma. Have a couple of busted ribs,( not storm related) that are keeping me from getting out & about. We were so fortunate, remember, a cat5 is 500 times stronger than a cat 1. Think about it!  By Sunday the mosquitos will be in clouds. I hope they sray for them.  Be wise.... empathize, we expats usually have it a lot better than the locals.    Once more the Tuba has farted.

¡Esquivó a Irma, y ​​ahora viene María! All we received near Jarabacoa was rain and some early winds from Irma. No power for one day . My inversor died about 6 hours before power came back. Solo 2 batterias. The internet provider sent a notice that they were taking down the equipment to protect it. Now Maria headed our way.... hope everyone stays safe. The high mountains protect us some. No Ocean, but my house is 100 yards from the Yaque del Norte, uphill .... lottso gradient, so it is rushing away.

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