Limitation of visit visa

Dear Friends,

I will be working on employment visa in Oman.
If family visa for my wife gets rejected due to some health issues then i will go for visit visa (3 months) of my wife.
But again how many times i can repeat this visit visa ? Can i repeat this visit visa every 3 months so that we can go back to India and i can bring her on visit visa each time ? Is this possible or there are any restrictions ?

Also is there any waiting period to bring the family to Oman ?
e.g. If i come to Oman in September 2017 can i bring my wife to Oman on visit or family visa immediately within 1 month ?

Please help as there is lot of confusion. I am also taking help of PRO of my company but want to double check as once we go to outside country things are not totally in our hands.

Pls help.


As per Law  3 month Gap required for re-issue family visit visa but check with  your PRO

there is a minimum gap of 3 months after each visit. its always better to have your family member on residence visa i.e family joining saves the hurdle of applying for visit visas

Hi amitcg,

The first part of your query has already been answered twice. So I will skip it.

Coming to the second part of the question, if a new employee is hired, the company would evaluate the employee's performance for a usual period of about 3-months. this is known as the 'Probation Period'.

Even though within just 1-month of joining and working, the employee's capabilities and worth would be amply evident. However, to make it fool proof, an employee is usually granted 3-months to prove himself / herself for the employer to be assured that their selection has been justified.

The employer would wait until the 'confirmation' of the employer before his family can be brought over on a 2-year dependent visa. No point in getting the family over immediately and in the second month find the employee unsuitable for the task defined and terminate his services. Thus dislocating everybody involved, while it could have been just an individual employee otherwise.

Forums like this is an excellent repository of useful information and details. Please take some time out to read through the many different posts along the same queries which you have posted. Many details and discussions have already taken place, from which you can benefit.

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