Frozen my bank account

Hi, I need advice about my current situation. I resigned from my previous job recently. I got my job, but I've not yet started due to my visa which currently in process. So obviously I got a new job. I have an account in Banque Misr, I found out that my account is frozen until they receive my new visa and of course my salary to be deposited. I have a loan with that bank. I don't have any missed payment to my installment. My gratuity was deposited in my account and freeze it for a while. I was trying to get a money just to pay my rent. Otherwise, I'll be sleeping in the street is I didn't pay my rent. And that amount of money that I'm requesting is not that much compared to what I receive in my previous company. Please give an advice or someone to talk to regarding to this. I really need to pay rent. Thank you in advance.

Why Banque miser need your UAE visa?! You are Egyptian and this is an Egyptian bank!

Dears ,,,
This is normal procedure in the banks operated in UAE ( even if Bank Miser but it still apply the standards of UAE as its registered as operated bank in UAE) .
Freezing the account is practice done by banks if you have loan . to ensure that your gratuity is part of payment .
all what you need to do :
- go to your bank and show them the new contract .
- ask your bank to continue deducting from your new salary.
- request the release of your gratuity ( this is depend on your new work status and bank approval ) .
usually this will happened after your get visa stamp on your passport .

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