Family visit visa

Hello!, If anyone there who is knowledgeable for family visit visa. Need some in family visit visa and a company hire me 1 month ago but still doesn't issue a offer letter, they just called to inform that I'm hired but I'm scared coz there is no proof coz it's been more than 1 month but they doenst give an update, is it possible to transfer a family visit visa to working visa , and how long it will take usually to finalize and issue a offer letter, I'm scared maybe because I'm in family visit and they doesn't approve my visa, please need a little help, anyone there who can give me info, thank you and may allah bless to those who help,😇

you can transfer from family visit visa to Family IQAMA only by submitting letter to ministry of inter.
but i don't think that u can transfer to working visa.
better if u ask abut it in Jawazat in Rehab .

Thanks for the reply brother

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