Are 25.000 enough for a work in chiang mai?

Hi guys,
i have been offered a job in a call center in Chiang Mai but the pay is really low, 25k a month (guess is salary for thai not expats) but they'll hire me from abroad so is really rare i guess to get these jobs. 40 hours per week. They won't pay my flight to Thailand but work visa yes.
The company seems really good but i am not sure if moving and do this step as i think with this money i can only pay my rent and eat.
Any experience out there please?


That is not nearly enough to live.  Look for something which pays better.

I totally agree with the post above.
It is a local salary and is low.

Try this site to show you what the cost of living will be for you and you will see you will not have enough money.

Yeah guys that was my thought..Just wondering then why these companies recruit abroad foreigners offering such low pays and do the work visa (which is hard to get if living in another continent, i have been trying to apply to jobs from abroad and they all want you to be a local...). I feel they not respect people at all

What's the minimum you suggest for a work in chiang mai then?

Just start with something simple like the requirements for a retirement visa which is  65,000 baht per month. If you’re trying to earn a living and save for your future you are probably going to need even more than that.

Too low! 40,000 to 50,000 is ideal, depending on your lifestyle.

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