Two dogs in London?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I will be moving from the US to London in January for a two year postdoctoral position. We have two dogs (8kg and 18kg) and are trying to decide whether we should bring both, one, or neither with us when we move. We understand the process and costs of shipping them, but we are concerned about finding housing once we get there. We have heard that London is not very dog-friendly for renters, especially on a limited budget. We are hoping to rent a studio or one bedroom flat, and we will only be able to spend about $1200/month. However, we are willing to live further outside of the city and put down a substantial deposit if it means we can bring the dogs.

Has anyone here successfully move to London with a dog? If so, how difficult was it to find a flat? Do you think it would make it substantially easier if we only brought the smaller dog?

Thanks for you help!


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