New in Chengdu

Hi all, I've been living in Chengdu for almost two weeks now but haven't really ventured out into the city yet. Is there any long time expats who could show me round or any fellow newbies who'd like to explore together? :)

Hi there,
I'm not based in Chengdu, but this site might be more helpful:
You can post your inquiry in the forum. The forum is quite active. :)
Hope it helps!


A late reply, but if you haven't found anyone by oct 25th, I'd be interested.
After my concert in Chengdu I have a week free to look around, some company would be good..

which district of chengdu are you in??

Hi are you still looking for people? I live in the Hi-Tech Zone.

It's hard to get real friend with internet.I live in the Hi-Tech Zone too.

I also need that kind of help:-)

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