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Hey everyone,

I'm a freelance writer currently living in the United States.

My work is done 100% remotely and I am interested in basing myself in Dubai and am getting mixed answers from my research and am wondering if anyone on here has a similar situation and what visa they went forward with getting to reside in Dubai/UAE as a freelancer?

you are doing business online. but not have own business.  like your office at some place. so i think you no need any kind of special permission either you are freelancer or not. if you wanna start own business. then maybe you need to do lots of things.

for freelancer, sponsorship will be either own which is under own business license. if you required only visa , that will be under any company who is giving you employment. or investor visa.

Hi, I'm Alex.

After several years in Thailand, I returned home to Ukraine. I worked with a partner in the US, but for some reason I was refused a visa in the US, so now I'm thinking of going to Dubai, working alongside a remote web developer.

I created a website for Dubai: [link moderated]

I want to create an online business for Dubai including an online store, but I'm not an English native speaker and can not create content while doing rewriting and finding a remote job does not yet yield results.

As far as I understand it, the web is poorly developed in Dubai and everything is solved at personal meetings.

I will be glad to talk, to find out how the search for work is progressing among you?

Regards, Alex

Hi. There are some freelance visas available from the company. In that, you have benefits like it's your own visa you are free to work anywhere and anytime, opening a bank account, driving license noc, buying and selling,  traveling. My few friends they have their own visa because they work is like web designing and sales promoters.  won't be an issue for you in regards visa they are freelance visa available.

Thanks for the answer. In which firm are the vacancies?

Thank You for acknowledgment.
You can contact me on ***  for more details.

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