French visa help, need spouse visa ASAP, currently on student visa

Hello everyone, I moved to France and I currently live with my husband on a long stay student visa, but I can no longer afford to pay for the school (not to mention that it is making me absolutely miserable). I understand that once I choose to stop attending classes, my visa would no longer be valid, and I would therefore be considered illegal.

What I would like to do is fly back to the US, cancel the school and visa, reapply for a spouse visa, and then fly back to France with the new spouse visa.

In other words, I'd like to change over to a visa that doesn't involve that school tying me down.

However, I feel that this could be difficult because a long stay visa can be renewed to a change of status to a Vie Privee et Familiale visa two months before the student visa would expire, without leaving the country.

In short, because my visa can be renewed with a change of status to Vie Privee et Familiale upon renewal, The French consulate back in the US could be hesitant to give me the spouse visa earlier.

My student visa expires on June 27th 2018, and I absolutely cannot afford to continue attending and paying for school until the renewal time.

In short, would it definitely be possible for me to cancel my current visa and re apply for the spouse visa, despite the fact that my visa Is renewable with a status change two months before it expires?

I would really appreciate some help, thank you all.

Employment wise, I run a small business entirely online that my husband and I absolutely love working on, and I would like to focus on this entirely full time.

A little bit about me, I'm from Chicago, USA. I currently live in Southern France (Avignon) with my husband and his family. I rank at B2 (upper intermediate) for French fluency. My main goal is to settle here permanently, and get citizenship in the coming years.

My post would be easier to understand for someone who's had experience moving over to France from another country. I apologize in advance for any confusion!

OMG, Crunchy! Go ASAP to your préfecture, and ask what to do! Your husband is a French National? Do you/he have a livret de famille with your marriage noted? (If not, do this immediately)
See if you can immediately change your status to famille - with this, you can do almost everything (not vote...). If not, see if you can change it in March (June -3 months), *here* - no need to return to Chicago.
Keep in mind, the French government wants you here!

Also, if you've been married "long enough" (ask your préfecture), apply for citizenship!

Hello Julie, we just got married a little under a year ago. So unfortunately, I've haven't hit that four year mark to apply for citizenship. We have our livret de famille and we'll swing by the prefecture ASAP to ask further questions on what options we have. In the worst case scenario, I really, really, hope that I can make it to March!

Bonne Chance !!

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