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My name is Guillermo Montoya I'm a software enginner and I'm negociating my salary with an IT company in poland. They are intended to give me 10000 PLN gross monthly, is that enough for a single person to live in Poland? and gross would be after taxes?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, it is pretty enough. One/two-room flat costs about 2000-2500. I pay 1,6 k for my studio. Food - up to 1000. Then you have a margin of about 3000 to do what you like. 10000 gross gives you 7000 in hand.

Thanks!!, that´s very helpful

Hi guille191 :)

I work as a programmer (Java and J2EE components).
I think this i a good salary especially for the first job possition in Poland.
It's enough to lead a normal and comfortable life in Warsaw.
I earn less ;)
Nice to meet you and hope you will like Poland.


Please don't hesitate to write me if you need any information or help.
I would like to meet new people here and make some friends :)

Hi Wind84

Thanks for you clear explanation and I will contact you for sure :)

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