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Dear all,

It is nice getting so much answers.
It was question to get to know about procedure on how we can export pet snack product. In some country that dog or cat food need to be certified first. We need to access information sources. What should we do and where to go to get clear explanation about it. Reward is indirect result as we choose their relative or some one around them building business together as representative.

Matter of fact it is just a common question questioned by person whose got nothing bad in mind. It was based on lack of information and thinking about on how making relationship for future.

It is ok, and it was our mistake to ask such question i guess. But still we will stay tune to the expat forum to get more information to learn.

If any one know about link or web source to learn more we appriciate if you can recommend it.

Thanks for all answer we got it is relieving to know how to deal with procedure. We will learn a lot more.

To be perfectly honest, you should advertise your product in the classifieds as a business opportunity, or search business opportunities perhaps with the various foreign chambers of commerce or trade offices or attend overseas trade fairs etc. It really has nothing to do with Embassies. Also, offering a good reward to embassy staff most of whom know nothing about international trade to help sell your dog food, well, international trade isn't done that way and certainly you'd get no takers.

By the way, if you plan on selling pet food internationally you will need to meet the high standards of most countries so you'll need to have all the testing results and certificates. I assume you are already at that position of being ready to export and that your product is already selling on supermarket shelves in Indonesia.

Thanks you so much for explains. There are so much thing to do that should prepare. By the production site built we set all thing to be executed and run well. This is why we search info. All the  standard that product needs it is only matter of time. But i will keep it in mind producing high quality product.

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