newspapers/media in Latvia

Hi all,

so, I am a German journalist and am getting a bursary this winter to spend two months in Latvia(or another Baltic state but Latvia is my preference). I was offered this bursary through a former editor of mine, without actually knowing very much about Latvia.

Apart from working for my home media I am also supposed to do a sort of internship in a Latvian editing office. For this internship, the organizers are now asking me whether I have a preference for the media.

Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about the Latvia media landscape. I myself am not Latvian speaking but Russian speaking, so I thought that it might be more interesting to select a Russian speaking media, but I would like it to be a high quality/ differentiated one, and I am not sure whether that exists. Can anyone tell me something about that?

Otherwise, what are the highest quality Latvian newspapers? Are there any good quality magazines? (covering areas like society, politics, economics, the environment, culture?) Is there any good quality English language media around? (I don't know about the Baltic Times, is it an expat newspaper? Or is it doing serious investigative work?)

I would be grateful for any hints! Can offer you a beer or glass of wine in exchange as soon as I arrived in Riga :)


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