Turkish national wishing to stay in malta

Hi Guys
i have been searching all morning for some information.
I have a friend from Turkey who is here in Malta doing a English Language course. they have a student visa that runs out in December. she would like to stay and get a job and apply for a work visa.
she is under the impression that if she gets a job in the IGaming sector that she would have to return to Turkey before the visa is given. and then come back to Malta??
but all other jobs are fine they will issue her a visa here in malta and she would not have to return.

I have looked and i cant find any information stating this, i think she would easily get a Turkish speaking customer support role in IGaming but she feels her options are limited to non IGaming jobs.
I feel that anything without the need for Turkish/English langue would be given to a EU person as its just easier less hassle for the company

can someone shed some light please ?

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