Visa and Residency for Hong Kong spouse of a British Citizen

Hay there everyone!  I have some questions regarding getting a visa and residence permit for my wife.  It seems like people in this forum give valuable advice so thats why I am here.  Hope you guys can help me...

Born in Hong Kong
US & British Passports
29 years old
Lived in USA 2001-2011
Lived in Hong Kong 2011-last week (Decided to study in Germany)

My wife...
Born in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Passports
33 years old
Lived in Hong Kong all her life (but she has a C2 level in German and worked in Germany for 6 months as being part of her University degree in European History maybe 10 years ago)

My question is basically how I can get my wife over here to Germany with me and she would also be working as I am studying full time.  Me doing part time won't earn enough money to support ourselves.  We do however have some savings that can last maybe a year or two without working though...

I did some basic research and know that she needs to get a family reunion visa through the German embassy in Hong Kong and then get a residence permit after she arrives in Germany.  But how the whole process goes and with all the documentations, I am not quite there yet i think...

1) To get her visa, I have to show that I can support her financially, but that is not possible as I am not working.  Will both our savings in our accounts in Hong Kong be enough to get lease get a visa for her?  We have around lets say €40.000 - €50.000.

2) I must also show that I have a place for her to stay.  But I am only living in a WG.  If I write my address on her application form, will the government actually check that it's a WG?  How strict are they with this part?  My Anmeldebestätigung just says "einzige Wohnung" and it doesn't say that its a WG. Does anyone konw if the embassy will ask for a rental agreement or something?

3) When she can successfully get her visa and fly to Germany, which type of residency status will she need in order to stay here and find a job?  What types of documents are expected?

I know its a lot of stuff guys but it would be great if you all could really give me some advice on our case...  THANKS A WHOLE LOT IN ADVANCE!

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