What search engines do you use?

Hi, all.

What search engines do you friends use since google is banned in mainland?

Do you frequently  use Bing, yahoo ....? or any other good SE suggestions? Thanks

Hi Sukima,

If I am in a rush I use Yahoo or https://www.ecosia.org/?ref=icon-search  (this one is great, much better than Yahoo, reminds me on google a bit).
In most cases I log on the VPN and use google, nothing beats it...


Hi Klaus,

thanks a lot for your reply.

i get a new SE ECOSIA from you.  :D

Kind regards,


I use ecosia.org because the more you use it the more trees they are able to plant through their site's revenue.

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the info!

:idontagree:  :idontagree:  thanks

Ecoasia is not opening up on my computer

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