The concept of borrowing in D.R.

Greetings to all.  I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced this.  I have noticed that while living amongst Dominican neighbors, they tend to always want to borrow or use personal items, without it ever crossing their minds to either buy the very item they keep borrowing over and over on their own or remember to return it.  I can understand once or twice, but it almost seems that once they know you own something they don't, the item becomes part of the community chest and might even be loaned out to 3rd parties after you originally loaned that item to the first party.  Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this habit, or have others experienced the same thing? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks.

That is a hard one to get used to. It drives me wild. I actually painted my tools pink so the men would know who they belonged to.

It is a sense property here and its tough to handle!

LoL....Pink Tools. I like that idea....but I must agree is that it drives me nuts! I do not mind once or even three times, but it kills me when I see them purchasing other material goods, but it would not occur to them to purchase the very item the keep borrowing time and time again! It seems to end when the item breaks or simply is no longer available, then magically they purchase one of their own or find someone else who is willing to let them borrow the samr item.....Jeez!

Here's an idea I often use that works even better than painting them pink, or painting your name of everything;  I say NO.    And I don't think it's any sort of 'community property' thing, because they are fully into their own property. It's more a a 'gringo as easy mark' thing.  They know that most gringos, but not me of course, will just lend out anything, but they don't themselves to way we think we should with them.

It drives me nuts as well.  I have learned to say no on some occasions and on others I will ask for the item back after an appropriate amount of time.

Bob K

I am with the colonel on this one but since you have already passed the mark I might suggest that every time they ask to borrow something that you do the same.  ask to borrow something from them of equal or better value.  maybe they will get the hint and back off...


Good idea!

Very good advice guys.....writing them all down.

I must admit, I often wonder why some of you people live here. Dominicans utilize each others resources. It is part of the culture. Why buy a hammer if your neighbor has one ? I do like the pink paint idea. A reminder of where it belongs, and also indicates that you are loaning things. You have the right stuff to live amongst other cultures. Some people here sound like the grouchy old man who tells kids, "Get off my lawn you kids"  I loan with return conditions. I do draw the line on the neighbor who used to ask to borrow my blender ! Lighten up and assimilate .. Be neighborly and make friends. You will be happier for it.

I never loan tools to trades people, If they don't have the tools to ply their trade, I don't hire them. Their work would be shoddy & your tools would vanish.  As a former stateside licensed contractor, I kow from where I speak. I've had several careers over my 70 plus years & cannot abide by less than proffesional results. My vivual handicap now thwarts my desire to do the work myself.  OK to loan to those who in the past have loaned you items.  There are many good people here, it just takes some time to find them.  Trust the referrals you get here.  ........ Now where did I leave that drill press????

Makes perfect sense ! If a hired tradesperson does not have the tools of their trade.... they should take I hike ! I was referencing my friends and neighbors. Still not loaning my blender though !

Actually I find it pretty common to hire (and get good results) folks who cannot afford to have their own tools or the means to transport them. 
We have hired painters who have no ladders and we have to provide the brushes, paint, cleaning supplies and tarps not to mention the ladders.
We have hired electricians with no drills, screws, wire, or even screw drivers.
And on and on.  Still most we hire do excellent work and almost all came recommended by other Expats.

Bob K

Ladders are a different subject. Recommended by expats is not an option where I live.... There are none !

Then a local you trust
Bob K

After living here off and on for 34 years, I I have plenty of those Bob ! I have known my Plumber since he was about 6, now near 40. The locals know who is valid and who is a knucklehead. I live far from the Tourist zone, and trades people are all known locals here.

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