Expanding my circle of friends to new cultures.


Im Isabelle and new to this site.

Im born and bred Mauritian looking to expand my current circle of friends.

Leave me a few words :)

Take care,

Hi Isabelle,
Join us at Tidez, Flic en Flac this Saturday at 10 am. We are a group from South Africa, India, France, Mauritius, England, Holland, Austria ...
See you soon,


I would like to join in some day to your group one Saturday.

Do you meet every Saturday or do you organise special meet-ups??


Hi Pascal,
We meet every Saturday. However, sometimes it happens that none of us is free, like last Saturday for instance. It will be lovely to meet you.

Hi Geneviève,

Thank you for your invitation.

I'd love to join in.

Have a nice afternoon.

See you Saturday :)


Hello Isabelle,
I'm a Mauritian looking to meet new people and make new friends as well.
I'd be glad to know more about you

Will you be meeting this coming Saturday, I'd love to join if possible?

Hi Ladyflet, we met last Saturday and we will surely meet next Saturday too.

Hi Isabelle,

I am also from quatre-bornes we can talk and would be a pleasure to know you.

Girish :)

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