Looking for Software Engineers

Hello everyone,
   My name is Asela and I am from Sri Lanka. so I would like to find friends in the field of software engineering because in the near future I will grab PR and come to Australiya.

Please reply with your area of interest in the above field.


Not quite as easy as grabbing PR and coming to Australia. There is a process you have to go through before even being considered for PR.

Dear Stumpy,

Thanks for your reply.  Yes you are quite write in this regards. But I found migration agent in here which they can assist me to get PR. Now I am trying to get required band score from PTE.  Could you please give me the background understanding of the industry and working culture of Australiya ?

Thanks mate .

Why use an agent ? They will get a fat fee from you regardless of whether you get a visa or not. Try for visa information and applications.

Thanks for the reply. Kindly tell me if I apply for PR through the online how much I paid and what is the process for it ? I am getting ready now for PTE exam now. And also tell me how long it will take to process my PR application ?

Thanks again for you kindness.

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