Where to live near Ebene Cyber City?

Hi all,

I am considering a move to Mauritius, with the company based in Ebene Cyber City.

Can anyone recommend a pleasant, close area, where I can rent a 1 bed apartment for the initial 6 months, so I can get established?

I have been looking at a few rental agencies, and Flic en Flac looks like a decent place.

Also, any advice on general cost of living?  Housing looks to be very reasonable, in comparison with UK.


It would help to have some idea of the things you are looking for.  E.g. How far do you want to drive?

Hi, thanks for replying.  Initially (first 6 months), I will probably be reliant on public transport - so, somewhere max 30 mins by bus

Hi, if looking to be reliant on public transport - would recommend Rose Hill, Beau Bassin or Quatre Bornes al-biet note that neither of these places are on the beach unlike Flic en Flac.

Flic en Flac to Ebene everyday in public transport will give you a big headache - heavy traffic congestion, uncomfortable, quite long commuting time and you will have to switch buses in between.

If you will be relying on public transport for some time, the most suitable places to live will be either Quatres Bornes, Rose Hill, Moka or Ebene itself.

For Flic en Flac or another other coastal living, a car is imperative.

Thanks Winston

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Thanks for your response.

Yes, I am interested - do you have any pictures you can post?

If better, would you like to converse privately via Linkedin?  My profile address is: … -81baa241/

Kind regards,


I believe there are some new residential apartments opening at EBENE itself , not sure if some will be rented out

There's is a bus from Flic-en-Flac to Quatre Bornes and then onwards to Ebène. However, it is not as smooth and reliable that I'd recommend taking it everyday.
There are some residential complexes within Ebene itself. Furthermore, there is a shopping mall, too. It's not close to the beach but it will save a lot of time of sweaty commuting. A couple of flats are listed below: … UR&filters[interior_unit][eq]=m2&filters[land_unit][eq]=m2

Warm regards,

Thanks Marcus

Just a a quick question.. might be a stupid questions.. the prices for properties listed as RS (Currency) would that be Indian Rupees or Mauritian Rupees (MUR)? :) Might be working in Cyber City to so this question is so HELPFUL!! Thanking you

Mauritian Rupees..

Hiya Charles. May I suggest the Vacoas / Phoenix area?  This is a 10-15 minute direct bus to Ebene, plus you have the large shopping mall at Jumbo Phoenix which has absolutely every kind of shopping outlet that you'd need . It is also a considerably cooler climate due to it being higher above sea level , so suitable for us lilly-skinned English types 😉. There are some new apartments there to choose from . Cheers. Matt

Hi Winston,

I have worked in Ebene and lived in Quatre Bornes (Palma Road) and can tell you it is very handy, I have sometimes walked to Ebene from there taking me only about 30 mins, the buses are regular enough, around every 15-20 mins and the journey itself is only about 15 mins.

From Quatres Bornes, yes provided the roads are clear -  now in the morning and the afternoon, when there is traffic jam, it takes much more than 15 mins.

And from Flic en Flac, it's even worse. The bus schedule can be irregular and it takes about 45 mins - 1 hour to reach Quatres Bornes.

Hi Charles,

You have several options. You can either stay in Ebène itself or consider Rose-Hill which is not bad either but there are very few modern secured complexes in this area. Also, most complexes have a minimum 2/3 bedrooms, not 1-bedroom. Considering the fact that you will need a 1-bedroom apartment, I'd advise you to consider the Quatre Bornes/ Sodnac area. There is a complex which is not too far from Ebène and it's called Dreamton Park Apartments. It's located at Sodnac (Quatre Bornes) and it's not far from Phoenix either. 1-bedroom apartments are available there for long-term rental. However, many owners prefer to rent-out their properties for a minimum period of 1 year.

Warm regards

Wahid Domun

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