Hi, I'm just wondering if the published winning lottery numbers are allowed to be in any order when compared to the ones on your purchased ticket ? Also I'm wondering if a foreigner can cash the ticket and if anyone here has ever won anything ? I've never won anything but I sometimes like to buy the tickets off the older sellers to help them. The special prize is about US$90,000 which is quite a bit of coin so is there any tinkering going on and is the lottery genuine and fare ? How much do the sellers make per ticket they sell ?

They say 1,000,000 tickets are for sale but usually the sellers have a wad full of tickets so I'm not sure if they sell all the 1,000,000 tickets available.

Cheers :)

well for those that read this, yes the numbers need to be in for eg 2 winning numbers they have to match the first 2 numbers to the right side of the ticket.

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