Comala, Colima Mexico

Is anybody here living in Comala? I would like to have a very peaceful life, a small country house with warm weather and grow my own food. Also looking for a very low cost of living. I was zooming in on google maps and the streets look so cute, green and not depressing. Some streets in some Mexican towns look very depressing and dirty and not very safe. Comala looks like a little village and that is what I am looking for. I do not care about theater, restaurants etc. Just want to be away from noise and crowds. Would like to have a couple of chickens, garden, may be goat. Sick of city life, was born in the big city and lived all my life in big cities, working in offices. Enough. Want to have one shirt, one pair of shorts, flip flops. Minimalist life style, simple.
Thank you in advance,

I have not lived there but I visited once. It is just as you describe. A very small, quaint peaceful town on the steps of Mt Colima. The worst danger would be Colima erupting as it is constantly active and smoking. The city of Colima is large and has everything you could want from modern society as well as some expats (if one wishes contact with them).

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