visit visa for wife

Hi,Naresh here from India.Applied for  wife visit visa  with company .. what will be the charges for visit visa? & how long wil  take to get the visit  visa
And once 3+1 month of periods finished, After how many months I  can again apply for visit visa bcz I  can't apply for permanent visa..

plz provide information on these queries...

thank you

Hi Naveen Buthello,

Your queries can be best answered by your company PRO only.

However, here are some official details :

Visit Visa Charges - R.O. 20/-

Duration to get one - About a working week's time

Gap to be maintained between visits - 3-months from the date of departure

While the first two responses can be taken as almost firm, the last response is rather fluid.

The in-between waiting period can be flexed depending on the influence of your company's PRO, if the company is inclined to help.

Dear Mr.Sumitran,

Thank you  so much for  the  information,
really appreciated..

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