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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this site and have a few questions to ask in regards to Thailand Visas and what would be the best option for me when I relocate to Thailand.. my husband is in mining and works 3 weeks in Australia and on his week off he can easily fly without the visa hastles. Me on the other hand is a hole different ball game. I can't work in Thailand because it's illegal so can't get a working visa. I heard there is a 6 month multiple entry visa but not sure how easy it is to obtain and would that mean I have to leave Phuket every 60 days? There's so many conflicting stories and all so confusing.. I want to do the easiest option without breaking the law..  if anyone has any information that would be great. Thank you

Why not contact Thai immigration directly?  I have always found it better to go to the source.

Here's one resource from an organization in Chiang Mai: … ant-visas/

Thanks VF,  I appreciate your help. I had intended to do that i just wanted an idea so at least I'm prepared..  😊

Thanks Ricardo, I saved the link so I can read and learn all the best options. I really appreciate u sending it to me... 😊

You are always welcome.

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