Short term furnished apartments near shopping??

Hello all,

I'm looking for a family friendly 2br furnished apartment near a small grocery at least. Close to a Safeway would be good.

I'm trying to keep the rent 700JD or less. And I'm looking to rent for three months only (September, October, and November).

The friends who are helping me keep taking me into (admittedly nice) neighborhoods... but they are far from any kind of supermarkets or even convenience stores... And I feel I would need to take a taxi to get some milk or something in a pinch. They are telling g me that's just the way it is here, but I see apartments everywhere... and I'm having a hard time believing that there isn't anywhere with a market in reasonable walking distance.

Aside from renting something on AirBNB for 1200JD per month, what are my options?

Do you know any good realtors?

Any good areas that I should consider?

Do you know any apartments available?

Hi there,

First of all i wish you a good time and a wonderful stay here.

I live in Weibdeh, it is part of the old Amman, but it is family friendly, and with a few supermarkets around (no safeway but there are a few other reliable stores like stop and shop for example)
And actually I think I saw quite a few ads for apartments around here... and since this area is expats friendly and quite popular with them I recommend trying there.

Just walk around or visit the local cafes you will find alot of ads and useful pieces of info.
Alternatively you can search online on facebook pages like "lamudi" or pages like ""
they both also have mobile applications you can download to make things easier.

Best of luck and please do hit me up if I can be of any further assistance.

Have a wonderful day!


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for 2 bedrooms how many adult and children


I think I can help you with that,

My uncle owns a nice 160m 2 bedroom furnished apartment in shmeisani near carrefour and Thqafa street.

Im almost sure it is  within your budget

I can check all details out if you are interested


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I would advise you to post this accommodation offer in the Housing in Amman section, it is more appropriate.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

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