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I hope all is well. I'm moving to Hanoi from Cambodge. I hope some kind souls could pass on a reliable agent. I would like to be centrally located for $350 per month.  I've used agents in the past with great success in Phnom Penh. I've read about the pitfalls and costs used by some in Hanoi, so that is not my concern. I don't wish to turn this into a debate about estate agents versus looking for yourself. Thanks :)


I just move to Vung Tau 3 months ago after living in Cambodia for 7 years.   If you are planning to move to Phnom Penh, the only thing you will find from an agent or just looking around yourself for $350 a month would be a in the outer rim on the city and probably Cambodian style.  If you find something for $350 in central part of Phnom Penh you will be lucky.  Most apartments/studio go for $400 a month western style. One bedroom are of course more.  Cambodian style apartment will be cheaper than western style apartment. I have secured a very very nice one bedroom services apartment in a hotel in excellent location walking distance to most everything I need,  for 8,500,000 dong or $367usd a month.  Much better value for your money here than Cambodia

You misread the OP's post, William.  He's moving *from* Cambodia, and Phnom Penh was where he used agents to find rental.  He's not moving to Phnom Penh.  He now wishes to find an agent who could provide him with an apartment in central Hanoi for $350.

You can find an 100sqm apartment (2bedroom) or just 40sqm (1bedroom) for $350 in Hanoi depend on what location, share your area where you working first then we can give you advise. Normaly people will stay <3km around their office because trafic in Hanoi is very  :sosad:

Thanks all. Yes, Sammen, I've heard a lot about the traffic.  I'm working in Dong Da, so quite central and anywhere within 2 km of here would be great. I'm walking first just to get the layout then I'll buy a bicycle.
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

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