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I m a Pakistani Origin my name is Khalid currently living in Dubai doing Business in the field of Telecom specialized in Fiber to the Home projects  and planning to relocate my business to Germany, I had gone through some literature but still needs some information from experienced person

what i know is i can open a company with 25000 Euro and can apply for residence permit with family and after certain years of residence can apply for citizenship too.

If someone is experienced in Telecom business and can guide me will be of great help in establishing and relocating to Germany

I m visiting Germany in October early 2nd week

Thanks in advance for your valuable time

I doubt that it is possible to register a business with just EUR25k and get a residence permit based on that.
You should contact the next German embassy to ask!
In any case, it is hard to run a business here without connections and very good German language skills.

Thanks Beppi for the kind advise

registering a business and getting a residence permit is possible as i get a reply from 2 different  consultants and both indicates the same

German language yes that i knew and will opt for a crash course to pick asap

while other point of without connections is a thoughtful point 

As Fiber to the home is rolling out in Germany with a 100 Bn Euro budget  it seems it can give some chance but still need further study and visit

There is something called an Entrepreneur Visa For Germany For Setting Up a Business. There is no official  minimum amount but as of 2012 it was recommended a minimal amount of 250,000 Euros. This is 10 times  what you wrote and really a minimum. Under this program one should first get a 3 year visa. If all goes well it will get extended and after a minimum of 5 years one can apply for citizenship. An exact number of years depends on various factors. But just having an amount of money to invest is not the only requirement. They will want to see a business plan that sounds feasible and for something that contributes to the society.

When you write about “telecom” then it is hard to understand exactly what you are proposing. The telecom business providing telephone, internet, fiber cable and such services is dominated by huge international companies that do billion of euros business a year. You cannot compete with them. That would be like a mosquito trying to beat an elephant. But you could possibly work for them. Or you might do a service where you contract with them, maybe.

And expecting that a "crash course" will be enough to learn good German is nonsense.

I am posting a couple of links that give more information in English about the process and requirements.

German Federal Foreign Office: … _node.html

Germany Trade & Invest: … -visa.html

I am a telecon engineer and I do have a telecom business here too in Germany, you can add me on Skype to answer some questions , my nick name there is heartones

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