Looking for dog friendly condo/landed house for rent in Petaling Jaya

Hi, I'm looking for a place to rent with my partner and my dog(in the future). Preferably Petaling Jaya area only for easy transport. Please let me know if you have or know a unit that fits my needs! :)

I believe Malaysian law allows anyone to keep one dog in a condominium as long as it is not a nuisance (yapping), bothering other residents etc. However, many condominium by-laws clearly state that pets such as dogs and cats are prohibited. This often results in a kind of face-off between the dog owner and the other residents/management committee and can be a very contentious issue which may result in you having many "enemies" among the other residents. I've seen this problem time and time again.

You'd shouldn't allow your dog to poop in the condominium grounds and then pick it up with a plastic bag because it is a health risk for children who live there. Also you may be asked to not use the lift but instead use the stairwell because many residents refuse to enter a lift with a dog or allow their children to be in close proximity with a dog. Also, residents would be more willing to accept a small dog that you can carry rather than a medium or larger dog. So I suggest choosing an apartment on a low floor or ground level.

Anyway, good luck with your search.

I see. I own a shih tzu, which is a small breed and he doesn't simply bark too. I won't be walking my dog around the condominium grounds, Instead I'll probably just bring him to a dog friendly park to have his run time. Thank you for letting me know about this. Hopefully someone encountered this problem before can help me out! :) I do not mind if it is a landed too as long as its near enough to my workplace.

You're welcome.

Many landlords also won't allow tenants with dogs because dogs sometimes chew up chair legs and destroy doors. I don't think a shih tzu wouldn't do that, but finding a landlord who accept dogs is yet another challenge unless of course you don't tell the agent when you rent the place, but be careful about the tenancy agreement because many specifically state that no pets are allowed.

Landed property is probably the best choice, but that depends on your budget.

i have a unit  called Fairview mansion,lorong bandar 2 off jalan klang lama.near the Mid Valley. its 6 story..couple of tenants do have are welcome to view..0193166991 Aras

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