Need legal help

Does anyone know the name of an attorney in Pereira? Any tips appreciated. Thanks.  Tony

Oops. Forgot to add... That speaks English.

chupachup :

Does anyone know the name of an attorney in Pereira? Any tips appreciated.  Tony

Dear Tony,

Welcome to the Colombia forum.

Here's a tip...

If you are seeking a visa or something that does not require the attorney to be physically present in Pereira, contact Langon law firm in Medellín.

I obtained a one-year TP visa this year through Langon without my ever leaving Quindío.  They even arrange for the part that involves (their agent) visiting a government office in Bogotá.

Most of the work/supervision was done through the firm's senior paralegal, Marta, and I supplied the documents and completed application via email and e-attachments.  Later, I registered the visa with a government office here.

Alan Gongora's email address at Langon:  agongora(at)

-- cccmedia in Quindío

FYI, Langon has an office in New York as well.  Alan was able to draw up my USA will while I was waiting for Colombia to process the visa.  He is Harvard Law School-educated and speaks perfect English.

cccmedia  in Quindío

Thank you very much for the information. You were very thorough and it is much appreciated.

CCC you've been here longer than me and know more but you do know there's several offices in Medellin that do that now, right and it doesn't need to be done by an attorney? I don't go to Medellin anymore for my tp7 but I still have to go for the cedula every year.
As far as legal help actually requiring an attorney (I've never needed any) but know several gringos that did/do. I see the millions of pesos going out for those billable hours but have rarely seen any real accomplishments...about like my US divorce.ha
But wish you success chula!

Floridaray :

CCC you've been here longer than me and know more ... wish you success chula!

I don't take personal offense from Ray's use of the word chula, because I know his intention is friendly.  However, it is probably inadvisable to throw that word around, especially if addressing the locals.

Chulo (the masculine form) can be interpreted as "cool or neat," but calling a man chula (feminine form) can have an unintended and unwanted meaning.

Chulo can also be defined as a male "pimp," and by extension, chula could also be a pimp.

In talking or posting to a Paisa male in casual conversation, I'd suggest using a less provocative word, such as amigo, 'mano (short for "brother"), or parce -- PAR-say, meaning "dude."

Reference for
There are various other translations for chulo, some of which are specific to Mexico or Spain.

-- cccmedia in Quindío

Floridaray :

I don't go to Medellin anymore for my tp7 (visa) but I still have to go for the cedula every year.

Cédulas can be obtained (after receiving a visa) in any one of many Colombian cities, not just Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena and Cali.  Upon registering my visa in Armenia, Quindío, in March of this year, I was given the option to pick up the cédula there or in another city of my choosing.

The Medellín Living website,, recently reported that Colombia is replacing annual TP (temporary) visas with three-year 'M'-class visas. 

That should make things easier for Ray and many other Expats, going forward.

cccmedia in Quindío

CCC yeah I was joking but I thought he was too coming up with that username. But hell I thought you had to go to the migration office in Medellin for ur cedula if you live in Antiochia? If I could do it in Rionegro sure be a lot easier on me. Fingers crossed on that 3 year TP! Make it easier and cheaper for everyone!!

Thanks very much to you all for your input.
Nobody need worry about offending me, I have crocodile skin.
User name is just an old family nickname that stuck.
Thanks again for your help. Hope I'm able to repay the favor down the line.

Thanks Chupachup and ccc i never meant to be offensive! And ive got a thick skin too. Hell got to after the damn Gator game yesterday! Ha

Yeah,, I read that article too,,so I wonder if the 3 years will also apply to the Cedula de Extranjeria ?

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