Is it easier to land a job with 7 months of experience in Marketing?

Hello All. I am from Pakistan and planning to visit Bahrain for job search. I already have couple of maternal uncle residing there in Bahrain for almost 10 years, so accommodation won't be a problem from me. I am only worried about the job market in Bahrain. I have done BBA(Hons) in Marketing and have 7 months of experience working with PepsiCo here in Pakistan as Market Development Executive (Sales Dept Job). Will it be easier for me to land a job with moderate salary (180-250Bd) in Bahrain? Your response would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you have the right qualification and are capable enough to crack an marketing interview why not

Good luck.


Thank you sir for your kind reply. İ was only worrying about job market there. Whether they have any preferences for a certain country etc or what type of jobs are in more demand?

I dont know about what jobs are in demand you may have to visit various job portals and find out. Regarding preference i doubt it, if your the right man for the job why not.


Ok and Thank You for your response.

Stay Blessed

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