civil marriage with a 17 years old

Is posible for an spanish man with all the requiered documents translated to english  by an official translator , to celebrate  in Philippines a legal civil marriage with a 17 years old  single philippino girl?. The father will write a sign a document of consent .

17? Uuumm a bit young don't you think

My advice: Do not get married regardless of her age.

No.     She needs to be 18    and   still must have her parents consent.

You do know that divorce is illegal in the Philippines don't you?

Thanks ,but I did not asked  you    your opinion.I asked you if legaly is posible or feasible that scenario of marriage with a17 old pinay .In other countries the major age in females is 16 and even below that figure.I read that  in Phils with a consent of the father was posible .Thanks and bye

Thanks but you do not reply my question ,may be you as me do not know the question.Thanks anyway.Bye

I know that she needs 18.I asked if with  17+consent of the father were allowed to civil marry.I think I read that somewhere.Thanks.Bye

Hello, I know that the divorce not exist in Philippines .In my experiencae and under may consideration after get reliable information in The Embasy of Spain in Makati  ,the only way to legaly take a filipina girl to Spain is with a civil marriage in Philippines.Other alternatives as the woman application to a Tourist Visa ,VISA vitation are sistematicaly refused in the Embasy of Spain in Manila,also there is no Visa for work in Spain for philippino people,only for a few jobs that are not  cover by spanish workers.

You can't find a Spanish girl to marry?

I will talk about pre marriage, as I am not aware on the formalities once (if possible) you are married.

Philippines law does not allow for a person (except relatives, and with legal power of care) over the age of 21 to be in a room alone with any person under the age of 18, it may seem old and outdated, but is there for a good purpose.

If you someone is under the age of 21 and the other person under 18, there is some sliding scale between the ages which I cannot recall.

Basically if some one is over 21 years of age to be in the room with some one under the age of 18, without some one else being in the same room, is illegal.  A paedophiles are treated very seriously in the Philippines and it is quite possible that if charged and found guilty that after the person finishes his term in jail in the Philippines their own government will arrest them when they step of the aircraft, and charge them again in there own country, yes to be clear after they  have already served time in Jail in the Philippines, they will then serve time in there own countries jail.

I have a novel idea. How about finding a legal age girl in your own County???

Is a question i send to the forum.I am not the one to want to marry with a 17 girl from Philippines

Then the same idea applies to him. How about him finding a legal age girl in his own County??

It seems the minimum legal age for marriage is 18.
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