Expat US Residency Requirements.

Lot's of information about locations to retire overseas. Though not much information how to untangle and manage  'things' in the US before and after you retire overseas.

In my case, there will not any second home or rental property back in the US. There is not any reliable persons or persons I would want to burden using them as a residency or domicile points of contact, so technically I will not have a 'state residence'. This situation, seemingly easy, to remediate does not appear to be the case. The state tax burden can still remain depending on the state. You also don't seem to be able to have mail forwarded overseas without a state residency. There are issues with banking and retirement funds.

At the federal, they don't seem to care, except what do you do about social security. You can still carry medicare,  however, you can't use medicare.

I can't even any paid services to help me through this process.

I would suggest you consult a lawyer familiar with the complexities of living overseas.  Trying to maintain all your benefits while living overseas is not an easy task.  Federal, state and even financial institutions have different rules and regulations which are complicated even more by not having residency or someone with power of attorney.  No two people have the same exact situation so you need professional legal help not online gossip.

Sent you email on some of the things I did to prepare for move to Thailand.
If you really serious about moving and need more advice, you can email me.

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