Honey Exports - Reselling


I am interested in Ukraine. I've spent time in Crimea, Kiev and the Carpathians. I think the country has a great deal of potential and is improving.

I've been looking into selling Ukrainian products (exporting to the US); most recent interest is honey. I see exports to Germany and the US are up. I'd like to learn more about sourcing the product, shipping to US and reselling here. I think the market for Ukrainian honey has potential. Good quality and different.

I know someone in Kiev who buys it local and then ships it out in batches in plastic bags to save on shipping. I'm wondering if it would be a feasible business to resell honey in the US, either online or maybe sourcing a company interested in buying larger quantities. If I can get the supply from Kiev, and either resell in plastic or purchase my own labels and jars? I'm not 100% sure of the export fees/licenses or customs dues.

Also, if anyone is interested in either the Carpathians or Crimea drop me a note too. Thanks.

Interesting prospect!  I am retiring in Kiev within the next year.  I'm looking for opportunities to invest to supplement my income.  Are you taking partners?

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