Jobs market in Brazil

Hello all , this is my first time at this forum

I was wondering if the job markets in Goiania is widely available, i heard Brazil is having recession these days

I am curious, if accounting job is easily can be found in Goiania city of Brazil, i have 2 years of working experience and have a professional certificate ACCA qualification

If anyone can provides me some job markets news for Goiania , much appreciated

Oh i forgot to mention, i can speak English , Chinese , and little portugese, i am from Malaysia, i believe language isn't my barrier, i can learn portugese fast, currently i can speak some, not very fluent as native speaker, slow at least understandable ..

Thanks Leslie

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I invite you to have a look at the articles in the Brazil expat guide, you might find some relevant information about work in Brazil.
Here is the direct link : Work in Brazil

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Hello Priscilla thanks for the information

And as for the topic, anyone willing to share job market information in Goiania ? Am i able to find a job in this city easily or it will be hard?

Hi there I live in Goiania, and iam English, Iam also a builder, and offer a far better servisse then %90 of brazilian can give and for the same price, and i have no work,,,, theres a lot of working going in the city, but its, my belife, that the brazilians that are doing the work have beeen doing this work for these people for a long time,,,,, andthe only work thats being offed is from the ones that are not going to pay you
if any Brazilian tells you they can give you work or get you work, dont belive them,if you come to this city, your going to do what iam doing, Im off back to the UK, because theres nothing here for me

Hi spanishpete

I am sorry to hear your bitter experience, perhaps next time it would be better for you

Still back to topic, i am waiting someone who is willing to share job markets information in Goiania

what type of work you looking for

hi pete

I am looking for accounting job, all types of accountant job , i am wondering if i could find these kind of job easily, but i heard Brazil is in recession now, so i am wondering if job markets in Brazil is in what situation

Not only is Brazil in a recession, it's the worst in the country's history.
There are an estimated 12 million people out of work, no one can say for sure the real number.

Hi thanks for the market information..Much appreciated

I guess it is hard to find a job in Goiania as a foreigner then ,  when there are so many people is out of work

The truth is it's hard for foreigners to find work in Brazil anytime. There is a standard rule that they will not hire foreigners unless there is no Brazilian who can do the job. Of course there are exceptions, but that has been my experience.

Also, for any type of professional job you have to have a fluent command of Portuguese both spoken and written. Without that it's basically impossible to get work.

The best advice l could give anyone seeking to live or work in Brazil would be to go there, and spend a couple of weeks to see for yourself the situation.  From there you can make an informed decision. Best of luck to you.

Hey, Folks!

I came to Brazil in 2001, with a few thousand dollars and a couple of contacts (through my ex, which was definately a double-edged sword).

I was technically illegal for 10 years (although it was much more of a gray area, since I was divorced from the said Brazilian and we had a daughter, but it was acrimonious and she did her best to make my life here hell)

So, i started teaching at the English language mills, in Brasilia, taking jobs that paid $5/hour. After about 3 years you learn the ropes. If you have a university degree, you can get a job at an upscale bi-national school, like Cultura or Thomas Jefferson (TJ is in Brasilia only) but don't expect to live like you did in North America or Western Europe.

You need to go private, and develop an "A-list" clientel- they pay for competent, personable native-speakers. My prices range from 50- 110 reais/hour, although the current recession has really taken its toll, both in volume of clients and average price per hour. Translation work is also a good revenue generator- but you need to understand Portuguese. My best year in Brasilia was about $R 80K, in 2011. In the past, I've received credits for luxury hotels stays, fine-dining, and have twice gotten late-model economy cars (once as a trade for translating screenplays, and once a s a gift from a generous client from a very wealthy family) not to mention a lot of cast off electronics, like desktop and lap tops, cell phones. Those A-list clients are worth more than just money. Once you get an Ambassador, or a politician or're on your way.

If you're young, single, and good-looking (like anywhere) opportunities abound. the ex-pats that do best here work as freelancers, especially in tech- but, again Portuguese is the key. I have a very good friend who is a fluent- Portuguese speaker, Brazilophile working as a Telecom engineer. He was fond of bankrolling some of our entertainment activities, and when I told him that his tastes were too rich for my budget, he responded, "Money? I can make it rain money."

Yup, remember, if you're earning dollars as a freelancer for  a Muiltinational paying in dollars or Euro's, Brazil seems like heaven- because you can buy LITERALLY anything, and almost anyone.

If you want to actually live her, on the economy, versus just being subsidized by working here to shore-up your existing savings and other assets; it's best to adopt a pioneer-attitude, live like a Brazilian and be as creative as hell. Oh, and try NOT to be supporting  5 hungry mouths, besides your own.

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