Moving to Beijing - March 2018

Hi All!

Apologies if this is somewhat of a repetitive thread.

I'm moving to Beijing next March to teach English at Kindergarten level.

I have been told I will be on 10,000RMB + 3000RMB (housing allowance) monthly.

I am not overly fazed by sharing accommodation with someone, with my 3000RMB housing allowance, will I be able to find a room in central Beijing for rent? Also, how cheap do private apartments start per month? I would consider living in the suburbs should it be more economical.

Also, with my 10,000RMB wage. Will this provide me with the opportunity to live a 'good' life? I imagine I'll going out for dinner maybe twice a week and maybe a night out once a weekend. I also wouldnt mind joining a gym if nearby.

Ill be commuting by bicycle most likely..Is this safe in Beijing?!

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!


Hello :)

I have heard from others that seeing that Beijing is the Capital City of China (as you know), it is experience. In fact, from my experience, most of China is in fact experience, and not as cheap as people make it to be.

Also, you should and must be prepared as I have heard from others that the air pollution in Bejing is not that good and most of my Foreign friends who have worked as Teachers in Beijing have become sick and so they had to move to another City because of that.

I'm sorry if my response doesn't quite answer the question that you asked.

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If you are planning to still move to Beiling, then I wish you all the best and Good Luck! :)

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