Jogging in Weibde

hi guys..

I am a regular jogging/running fan and as much as I enjoy doing it alone I think some company can also be stimulating.

Thus I thought to start this topic to invite anyone who would like to join in.

I currently jog in Weibde, usually for 30 min up to an hour. I do a circuit run and I throw in a little bit of short sprints.
I try to do it on regular consistant days so mostly on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, byt sometimes on Saturdays as well.
and due to my long working hours I do it at different times; like around 7-8 pm, 10-11 pm or 5-6 am.

So to sum up;

Place: Weibde.
Duration: 30-60 min.
Time: 5-6 AM, 7-8 PM, 10-11 PM
Every Sun., Tue. and Thur.

Anyone interested please PM me.

Have a wonderful day!


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