KSA notes if you want to work in the country

I am Dutch so I will explain my side of what I know.

1. keep your lease monthly with your company
(this will prevent a lot of problems, if you a=want / need to leave early)
2. always have an exit and re entry ready for the case you need to leave
Otherwise you are stuck
3. DO NOT expert that your embassy is there to assist.
The German embassy advised straight in a lawyer to assist for the final exit with one of their citizens.
The dutch embassy.... well ... Time for a new one which is involved with it citizens
4. if you are Dutch and your contract is longer than 6  months, you loose all your 'rights' in the Netherlands.

So make a contract that is 4 months, visit holland for a week or so, go to werk.nl, do your thing , and go back for the next period

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