Areas to live

Is it safe someone mentioned an area Cheras Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sri taming I believe is a street
Am interested in a high rise
Two bedroom
Maybe security?
Is this a good area
My husband and I will be needing it for at least a year
Does anyone live in this area
Is it within walking distance of markets?
Thank you

Cheras is typically an area where many Chinese live. I used to get my car serviced in that area, but there are malls and nice places to live I guess. But usually expats tend to live in other areas. I nearly bought an apartment there once, purely as an investment, but Cheras would definitely not be my choice of places to live in KL.

There are great places all over KL with high rise condos and great security and facilities live pool and gym. A lot depends on your budget, and whether you want a family oriented place, near to shopping malls, somewhere large or small. you could be living close to the city centre or far away.

So personally I would consider areas other than Cheras :)

Thank you

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