Autism Services for children in Puerto Rico

How are the services in Puerto Rico ?
What is your experience with  doctors, therapy, schools ?
My son is 7 and middle to high functioning but has issues with speech.
suggestions to doctors and schools would be appreciated

Due to economic issues with the government the government has curtailed all MiSalud (medicaid) free services to some extends. There are several news articles stating that the special needs area are being affected more than other areas.

If you are instead referring to private health insurance, that is alive and well, but it varies by plan like in the states.

A lot of our member are retired or retiring so most don't have children, but some do and those will be able to help you out more when they come check for new posts, but it may take a few days to give you specific answers.

The majority of the doctors that have left the island are specialists, so the ones that remain have long waiting lists for appointments.

The quality of all medical services in PR is the same as in the states, however some things are not done the same, for example, if a family member ends up in the hospital you are expected to bring blankets and be a principal care taker of your love one by fetching things, raising lowering bed and other things that a nurse typically does in the states.

One more item that may help you.... We also have a private Facebook group called "Expats In Puerto Rico" with about 210 members. It is more about making friends but it is a way to connect with others and get first hand boots on the ground information. Several of the members there have children and are a mix of expats and locals.
You may want to consider joining. Make sure you answer the 3 questions so we can add you to the group.

Thank you. Sorry for all the post I'm still working my way around learning the site.

ajasmine :

Thank you. Sorry for all the post I'm still working my way around learning the site.

We are here to help, thats what we do, no need to apologize, just passing information as to how things work.

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Someone I can become friends with. What about any group homes here I can look into. They must be somewhere around.

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