Family visit visa information required

Hello All,

i am from Pakistan and living in saudi arabia. i want to bring my family here for visit only wife.i want details please. i saw some information post but which made me confused.let me start....
1. i am from Azad Kashmir Pakistan and we don't have online marriage certificate system, in this case which document should be attested by MOFA?
2.should i translate nikha name and get it attested to MOFA in Pakistan?
3.translated nikah nama would be attested from saudi embassy Pakistan?
4.any agent/reference who can do all this ?

please assist accordingly

thanks in advance

If you want to apply for Visit Visa you can apply online by uploading all required documents on MOFA website.
If you have spouse name in your passport then i dont think that you need attested marriage certificate for visit visa.
In case you applying for Permanent family visa then your translated marriage certicicate should be attested from Saudi embassy in your country.

Her name on my passport????

your which professional in iqama

Housing supervisor


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