How do I get an Occupation Permit?

How do I get an Occupation Permit?

Hi I live in South Africa.
I am now studying fine arts in college, and my wife is studying at the Montessori teacher 's school.
After we finished studying, we want to go to another African country
I want to make a small kindergarten for the poor.

1. How do I get an Occupation Permit? What special skills or specific financial situation should be proven?

2. We have two children, where is the elementary school in Mauritius studying in English?

3.  How much does the 4-member family live in Mauritius? How much is the price level compared to South Africa, including rent?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Coolinny,

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If you browse the Mauritius forum by category, you will find the answers, these questions have been discussed previously.

To help you out, have a look at this link for the Occupation Permit :

School : Schools in Mauritius

You may also carry on by reading the other threads of the same category : Schools & studies in Mauritius

As far as cost of living is concerned, this thread will be useful : Cost of living in Mauritius - 2017

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