Second Hand Furniture Needed


Moving into a new apartment and in need for some advice. Cheap second hand furniture advice.
I understand there's the Jumma Souk in Shuaik or Kuwait City. Can someone advise any other place or anyone wanting to sell some furniture.

Shaz and Grecia


Check the online classifieds, there is always a lot of furniture up for sale as someone is always moving out.

Friday market might be a good place to wander around.  I'm also told the Iranian souk is worth a shot but haven't been in there yet (just walked passed.  Seemed like a strip mall of furniture shops)

Thank you Willgrow. Checked out the friday Souk yesterday which wasn't bad although there's an awful lot of clutter to sift through to find the real gems and Al Mubarak Souk (i think it's called that) the day before which was pretty decent.

Oh wow, I was at both places yesterday with my friend Balazs.  Did you stop to eat at the Souk Al Mubarakea?  The food there is pretty good and pretty cheap.

You're right about the friday market though.  There's a large hand full of great stuff, surrounded by a bunch of junk you have to sift through  :D

bottom line; furniture in Kuwait is relatively cheap - specifically during sale season, which always happens to be happening around the time people are looking for furniture. therefore, do not limit yourself to buying second hand, when you can find something in your price range that is new.

also with buying from a reputed store you dont have to worry about delivery and being charged extra for it, as it is already included.

have a look around the shops on the other side of the friday market, al-rai area, but there you might have to negotiate for delivery.

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