Looking for good local school for grade 5 english speaker near Wavre

Hi everyone, looking for advice on local schools near Wavre for my son.  He is anglophone, has been in the international school in Tokyo, Japan for the last three years.  He speaks no French.  We were waitlisted for Le Verseau but just found out today the last spot was taken.  I cannot afford the other international schools. I am not afraid to put him in the Belgian system- we are coming as immigrants and not expats, so we may as well get on board.  I do however want to find the best local school that will help him integrate into a french speaking environment with support.  I am also prepared to get him tutoring after school etc, and will be doing classes myself so we can learn together.   We will be living (temporarily) in Chastre, which is why I am looking at the Wavre area, as it is likely that is where we will settle long term.  I am on a sabbatical so will be home to drive him back and forth......I have been reading online and am feeling overwhelmed and confused.   Any advice would be really appreciated!

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