job in Alfalak, KAUST Thuwal. NEED INFORMATION

Dear Friends

I had not visited Saudi till now. can anyone tell me, How will be the employment by Alfalak for KAUST  at thuwal. What are the conditions there. Interviews had been completed and they have selected and given the offer letter also but they are taking much time to call me to Saudi. I am waiting for the HR process to be completed.
How is accommodation and food services at Thuwal.
Requesting the forum member please update me.

Thanks in Advance.

From where you arecoming ?? KAust is ultra modern campus , hope you will enjoy
This is hajj time in saudi, expect little delay in reply from HR
Good luck

I am from Hyderabad, India.
can you please suggest me how much the accommodation will cost me at thuwal outside KAUST campus. Is it easily available.

Outside KAUST campus accommodation is easily available and it is even not much expensive, depends upon which type of flat you are looking for example one room or two room flat, as Thuwal  is a small village. if you are moving with family to thuwal then its good to live in thuwal otherwise i will advise either to live in KAUST campus or in Jeddah. There are so many people who work in KAUST make up and down from Jeddah.

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