Visa from the UK for Vietnam

What experience do people have on using websites to get Visas?

Need one sorting relatively quick.

Good morning Mr. 1312J, from a Brit in Saigon, Vietnam. I don't have any experience of the (numerous) websites that purport to (usually) get fast  cheap visas, since my girlfriend always used to for visas out for me and now that we are married, I have a temporary residents permit now anyway. The words of advice from my wife are: Be Careful.

However, I can tell you that some of the companies on the web which purport to be able to supply Visas are un-reputable - and some of them charge ridiculous prices - and things Vietnam being what they are, the average person has little recourse to remediation when things go nipples skywards.

Having said that, I understand that there are reputable companies out there, I just don't know which ones are reputable and which aren't.

None of which is of much use to you (except for the warning to be careful) and so I would ask other members of the expat community here to contact you  with details of any companies that they have used successfully.

Hope this helps.

No problem, thanks for your feedback, thoroughly appreciated.

Eather I don't have any experience with the website, I agreed with ''eodmatt'' be care full with local agency's who provide Visa service, One time our company need to invite one business partner from Congo, so some of the agency asked  500$ to make him visa just for one month.

Try the Vietnamese Embassy London website...there are a number of options there including application for an evisa all of which avoid dealing with agents.

I agree. Try and get your visa on the spot at the embassy in London -- you may have to pay an 'expediting fee' for them to do it while you wait. Online applications and the "visa on arrival" counter at the airport can take ages, especially if they're out to lunch. Very inefficient, though some people have had positive experiences. Luck of the draw, I suppose, like many things in VN. And yes, beware the scam artists.

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