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Dear all

I would like to know what is your opinion about Mauritian people in general? My aim is not to start a war, I know there is a lot of Mauritian people using but I would just like to know the thoughts of expats living here.

My experience with Mauritian people so far hasn't been what I was expecting. It has been 7 months since I moved to Mauritius and I absolutely love the Island but my biggest struggle for my husband and I is the attitude of the locals. Do some people feel the same?

In which areas are you struggling ? I once had a friend from Mexico who said he was going to come "soon"... which could mean now, in a day, a year or never.

I am Mauritian and I personally think that the biggest problem of Mauritians is Ego.
They seem to want to try to show/prove that they are better than you or that they are always right.
I noticed that specially while driving on the road. But not all Mauritians have a bad attitude. Some people are very nice.
It actually depends on the people and the region. I'm not trying to start a racial war but I also think that religion has something to do with it.

not a specific region - talking in general

I am glad to see that even Mauritian think that way - and it's exactly that - their attitude - and you can even feel it the way they drive. I completely agree. and yes, I have some Mauritian friends that are genuine, friendly and caring but I don't know if there is many like them.

There are quite a few Mauritians who are nice and caring. But it's becoming rarer nowadays with people being more engrossed about themselves or about making money rather than enjoying life and friends.

Mauritian people are generally very very good and friendly but as in every country in the world , human nature has played its part in that some are seen to be not so good.  Mauritius is a country of diverse history , nations, cultures and customs and it is remarkable that all of these seem to work very harmoniously in such a small island. Yes there are some things that take some understanding like the way of driving vehicles on the island , but if you are here try to accept the way of life here and generally you will find that your experience will be enjoyable and rewarding

Dear Charline,

Generally Mauritians are friendly. But the laid back attitude is gradually being replaced with 'always busy' attitude. It's the rat race to becoming a High Income country.

Very friendly, wonderful hosts, terrible drivers!

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