Hi there, I have lived in Greece for 15 years, but my husband who is from Greece and I have decided we would like to relocate to Cyprus in the next 6 month. Firstly my husband is a fully licenced heavy machine operator and currently employed in a greek quarry for the past 9 years.  He would like to find work in Cyprus. However i have searched and searched and i cannot find this type of work. I know there are over 15 quarries in Cyprus. Is it better to search for this type of work after arriving in cyprus? Also does anyone know what the salary is per month for this type of work. Much appriaciated.

better to look when you are here.... and being greek he will speak the language and so that makes things much easier.. in the heavy plant/equipment field of works its primarily made up of greek speakers.

sorry cant help on the quarries - maybe look into where the current construction projects are as they will have ties to the quarries for their materials

Thank you so much for the information, i really appriciate it. I was thinking the same as you. I will try and find a job via the internet and my husband can apply while there. Again thank you

Toon, could you also perhaps tell me which location is best, I have 2 children 1 boy who is 12 yrs and a daughter who is 7 yrs. My son attends the music junior high school, would you know which city they have music junior high and high school.
Thanks in advance.

am not upto speed with music schools  - but i would have thought that the main business areas are Larnaca Limassol and Nicosia ..whereas Paphos is more of a tourist area

may i suggest you try facebook too as there are lots of "ask anything" type pages and groups where you are more likely to get a better response to specific questions as they have a much larger exposure to people


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